Writing Consultant

As a writing consultant, I can perform a service specific to meet your needs.  I can be a coach, an advisor, a tutor, provide insight, a teacher. 

My overall goal is to help you achieve your goals whether it actual lessons, providing ideas to improve your blog, your website

Maybe you need help in defining what it is you want to be as a writer.

Maybe you have an idea but don’t know how to proceed.

Maybe you’ve written an article, a book, a script, some poetry and now, you don’t know what your next step should be.

Maybe you want some help with a synopsis, a query letter.

I’ve been a writing consultant, a coach if you will, ever since my first publication and I was asked by others, how can I get published?.  Because of my publications, I was asked to teach creative writing classes through a local community college, which led to online mentoring, more teaching–see my Classes Taught list–which all led to my return to college to become a true academic teacher of writing through college and university English departments.

I don’t know everything.  And when I don’t, I won’t pretend that I know.  My strengths are to think outside the box, brainstorming, being able to see the big picture, and yet at the same time, switch point of view and see the details, especially when they’re missing.

There is no guarantee that you will be come published, that you will obtain an agent, a manager or that your writing will even place in contests when entered because of the work we do together, but I can help you formulate a plan, provide direction, even help you achieve better grammar, punctuation, editing skills.  You’ll receive my expertise, a true collaboration toward your desired success.

A sampling of those I have helped in the past three years:

  • A published writer who needed some marketing help.
  • A student pursuing her master’s degree who needed help understanding what teachers were wanting in the research papers she was writing. She had trouble interpreting their message, even after talking with the professor(s). Later, she wanted advice on how to approach her thesis paper, wanting me to share tips with her, what to look for, what to avoid.
  • A writer who needed help with her query letters as she looked for both editors and agents.
  • Several writers who needed plotting help.
  • A former student who wanted me to review his résumé.
  • A writer who needed synopsis writing help.
  • A writer who is also an entrepreneur and who needed help with her website. She’s helping writers get published and wanted me to see if her message made sense as to what she was doing and offering.

Interested?  Send me an e-mail by clicking the button below, detailing where you’re at, what you’ve accomplished, what you’d like to accomplish, and in what way you need help right now.   Where do you want to start?

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