What Readers Say

David & Goliath – a mystery/suspense screenplay

Compelling from page one. Fast-paced. Intriguing. Had all the bells and whistles for a thrilling crime detective story.  – Amazon review

Determined Hearts – a romance

Danger, drama, and a sizzling romance…Determined Hearts kept me turning pages until the end.  – Amazon reader

An adventure romance that I really enjoyed. – Amazon reader

The majesty of the Idaho mountain and the animals inhabiting it was described in detail, making it seem as if I were there. A very satisfying love story.  – Amazon reader

Grendel’s Mother – a fantasy

An evocative story of a young woman whose life is shattered by circumstances beyond her control and paints a poignant picture of the history of one of the most infamous monsters of Norse mythology.  – Amazon reader

Grendel’s Mother gives us an imaginative, thoughtful, yet historic and literary look into the character we read about but never understood… A story only someone who is fully schooled in the original tale and the myths and legends of those old days could have penned. This is fantasy and magic for adults.  Amazon reader

Laurel Ridge: Seven Ways to Love – a romance

Stout’s compelling storytelling creates a delightful world of drama, humor, and love.  This series will grab readers by the heartstrings!  – Linda Bradley, author

Sweet Cravings #7 of the series –
Stout knows how to write compelling characters and make the writing look effortless.   – Kat Doran Henry, Wild Women Reviews, 7 out of 5 stars.

The Super Simple Easy Basic Cookbook 

The answer we’ve all been looking for…simple categories…a quick, easy helpmate in the kitchen. Options for substitutes are included—a wonderful aide to those of us who are challenged in the culinary imagination area.  – Goodreads review

The concept behind this book is brilliant!!  – Amazon reader