Writing Secrets, Myths & Truths

Years ago, when the Internet was relatively new, I formed a group of screenwriters, called Scribelink. It was popular with lots of good quality sharing of information. I made a lot of screenwriter friends because of that group. Many who are still friends today.

Because I miss that camaraderie, I’ve formed a Facebook group for all genres, of all levels, called “Writing Secrets, Myths & Truth with Diana Stout.” While there are many writers groups out there today, I find that many are narrowed by genre or writing element, like self-publishing. I want an all-inclusive group, as we can all learn from each other and from different genres. I learned a lot of writing novels using screenwriting techniques.

Writing Secrets… is a closed group, meaning you have to make the request to join and answer a few easy questions, but no one can see the posts unless they are a member.

Come ask your questions, share your expertise, and join this fun group of people, who share your love of writing.