New audiobooks!

Two of my books are now audiobooks! Grendel’s Mother and Love’s New Beginnings.

Available on Amazon only.

Set in Calhoun County, Michigan, Love’s New Beginnings is a sweet romance. Ripped from her New York City home and world-famous career, Charlene finds herself stuck with a partner not of choosing for six months in a Michigan village. Enduring his boorish behavior, she’s enchanted with a precocious little boy, an elderly cat, and rediscovers a forgotten hobby. And then, the news she feared most arrives.

Set in Denmark, Grendel’s Mother is the story of an ordinary girl forced to live an extraordinary life. Sacrificed to the dragon for shaming her community, she’s alone in the wild and discovers special skills that enable her to survive, give birth, and raise a baby—deemed a monster. “Grendel’s Mother is an evocative story of a young woman whose life is shattered by circumstances beyond her control and paints a poignant picture of the history of one of the most infamous monsters of Norse mythology.” – Amazon reader