Thank you, readers!!!

The reviews for Grendel’s Mother are starting to come in.

From ┬áSarah Stuart on Readers’ Favorite:

“The author paints a vivid picture of inequality and discrimination. More than entertainment, this book is thought-provoking. . . .┬áproduced a fantasy that will appeal to teens and adults alike.”

From readers on

“A tautly woven tale around a character often ignored in literature and offers the reader insight into how she became the frightful figure in Beowulf. . . . a story of abandonment, desperation, survival and strength. How surprised I was to find myself rooting for a character I had always thought of as menacing.”

“Presents a graphic description of village life in medieval times, especially for women of the times. . . . a survivor who uses her love of nature and her determination to live and protect the life of her unborn child to make a home in a cave deep in the forest.”

“Highly recommend it. Gripping tale!”

“Thank you for a wonderful book!”

Thank you, readers, for your comments!