Diana’s Sunday Snippet 3/17/19 – ARRESTED PLEASURES

Weekend Writing Warriors / #WeWriWa / #8sunday Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warrior blog hop where writers share an 8-10 sentence snippet of their writing, published or unpublished.

My snippet this week comes from a current work in progress, Arrested Pleasures, that is the 3rd novella in a series of 7. The first, Shattered Dreams, has been published. Drafts of #2 and #3 have been written. The rest are being plotted out. My goal is that Burning Desire #2 and Arrested Pleasures #3 will be published by the end of the year.

Dan Walker and Anne Martin had one disastrous date in high school and he’s been chasing her ever since, unable to get a yes to another date. It wasn’t often that anyone could get the better of Game Warden Anne, yet he could do it with one word: Dare, a game they had started after that one date. Confronting her head on was the only way he could get her to talk to him. Even back then, other guys were thrown off with her long look that they called cold. He called it curiosity, and he liked it when she was staring at him. Almost like studying a bug under a microscope. He was good with that, her being focused on him.


#Final #3 Arrested Pleasures - Final - small size for blogs She decided to up the stakes.

“Truth,” she said, calling his bluff. It was chancy and sometimes worked.

He unfolded his arms, put his feet closer together so he stood straighter, and looked down at her. “Dare.”

Damn, he just called her bluff.

“Dare, but only with the Truth first.”

“I get to choose the Dare?”

She started to nod, then hesitated. That was too quick. Damn, he was outsmarting her again. How did he do that?  If she said no, he’d call her a coward and heckle her for days. If she said yes… crap, she could be heading for a bucketful of trouble. She took a deep breath and expelled it. “Deal.”

He grinned.

Oh, gawd, she was in trouble now.