Grendel’s Mother

An Epic Fantasy  –  Available as eBook, Large Print & regular print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble. and your favorite bookstores.

A story of social injustice, a girl’s love for Nature where she discovers special skills that enable her to survive, to give birth, and to raise a baby—deemed a monster—in the wild, entirely on her own. From his birth, she battles to keep him safe from himself and, then later, from others who would do him harm. That child is Grendel, and she is Grendel’s mother.

“A remarkable story, told in narrative style, is gripping for its intensity, savage for its description of her bravery and drive to survive the horrors Nature often brings to one alone and seemingly defenseless. She is intrepid. And inspiring. On a scale of 1-5, Grendel’s Mother deserves a 6.” – Wild Women Reviews