Determined Hearts

Determined Hearts – Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Hawk Hunter, a half-Shoshone Indian, left New York at the height of his book-cover modeling career without anyone knowing why. His goal was to re-establish eagles to the Snake River Valley in Idaho, his grandfather’s homeland and he didn’t want the publicity. The only way one travels to Hawk’s mountaintop is by helicopter—with his knowledge. To date no one has been able to get an interview.

Wildlife photojournalist, Jennifer Frost is determined to get the elusive story. If successful, her boss has promised her a desire promotion denied to her thus far. He lies telling her permission has been obtained, not realizing there is bad blood between the two men.

Stuck with Jennifer for two weeks, Hawk is determined to save his eagles and that any story remains on the mountain. Jennifer is determined that she’ll get the story, no matter what. The thing is, just before her arrival, he spotted poachers in the valley. It’s just a matter of time . . .

Both Jennifer and Hawk must compromise and give up something they strongly believe in, but can they? Are they willing to betray the other to meet their individual goals, or will their newfound feelings for each other determine a future that neither had planned?