Screenwriter, author . . . who’s exploring her path to the inner core.

When did I start writing? At age 19.

Why did I start writing? It was cheaper than therapy.

What do I want for you as a reader? I want to provide a spot of humor or pure entrainment.

Would I be writing if I had no fans? Yes, I would. In the beginning…there were no fans. My goal was to make myself laugh or be entertained. I love when I can reread my own work and still like it with every reading.

What do I like to write? Screenplays & fiction (short!): drama, mystery, comedy & romance. Nonfiction: how-to, inspirational, informational.

What am I working on now? My 7 romance Laurel Ridge novella series. 7 stories, 7 romances, 7 conflicts, and a canary yellow Volkswagen Beetle found in Book #1 in the lake, and which touches every story until the big party, surprising end. Book #1, Shattered Dreams, is published. And, all 7 couples move in and out of each other’s stories. I’m going to insert the cast of characters into the beginning of each book and post the cast here on my website, too!

What else should you know about me? I travel with a crowd: characters clamoring I write them next and spirits—friends and family members—who push me to write, as well.

Check out my About page. Check out the Classes Taught and Contests & Awards pages, too. I’m considering teaching some online classes again. Would you be interested? If so, what kind of class are you most interested in taking?