Award-Winning Writer

An award-winning writer…wait, awards?

Yup, as a new writer, I entered my books, short fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays into contests: local, state-wide, and nation-wide. I did well, considering I was unpublished and unproduced, winning first and second prizes, along with a semi-finalist and a few quarter-finalist placements.

The two placements I’m most proud of were in screenwriting where I placed in the top 100 in two different years with two different scripts, and where both years had over 12,000 entries covering nine categories. That’s a lot of entries to compete against!

Later, when I returned to school with my writing concentration in playwriting, I entered nation-wide contests, both winning and placing; plus, taking first and second place in separate years for the Western Michigan University’s English Department Creative Writing Award for Drama, with two different plays. One was judged by New York playwright, Jeremy Dobrish.

Now, I’m an indie publisher. To see the entire list of my awards, click here.

P.S. To you new writers who may be wondering…yes, I entered far more contests than is on my list. Years of submissions. And then, finally…well, the list shows what persistence can achieve.