Unlock My Heart – a romance anthology – NEW RELEASE

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5 stories featuring a secret locked door…

Harbor House: Say You Will by Diana Stout – She’s torn between two men who are both telling lies. One can save her, the other is determined to destroy her and her family’s legacy. The real danger lurks behind a mysterious locked door…

Forsaken by R.C. Matthews – When Amelia is summoned to Cadworth Castle to claim an inheritance, she is intrigued by the castle’s reclusive owner, Lucian, almost as much as the mysterious door he keeps locked in the North Wing.

The Key to Mr. Locke by Diana Lloyd – A secret door, a mysterious letter, and a lost key lead spinster Mariam Pargeter to her happily ever after.

Scalawag Spied Stealing by Cynthia Anne Hurt – To gain her freedom, Charlene boards a pirate ship to steal a precious gem from her first love. Their past attraction cannot be barred by an action as simple as locking the cabin door.

Besting the Knight by Cheryl Ann Smith – Their fathers were enemies until death. Can the lady of the castle and a battle-hardened knight forgive the sins of their fathers and discover a love worth fighting for?