Editing & Formatting services:

Stories Rule Press:

I’ve known Mark Posey since the 1990s. I knew him before he married his wife, Tracey Cooper-Posey, who is now a best-selling romance author. He’s been her editor for a number of years and now offers his services to other writers as well.

Mark always offered good writing advice. And, his fees are quite reasonable. Now, he’s created his own press company, Stories Rule Press, which I highly endorse.

Website Creation, Design, Maintenance, and/or Hosting:

Creative Web Designing:

I’ve known Lee Younkman his entire life and became involved with his company, Creative Web Designing when I began my own production company and needed a website. Through Lee’s company, he helped me design a logo, my brand, and what the website would be doing not only now but down the road, as well.

While I’m one of his customers who maintains their own website, he provides full-service features, too. He created my website’s bare-bones, which then I create the pages and posts and maintain its content. Anytime I have an issue I can’t resolve, he’s usually able to resolve the problem in just minutes where it was taking me hours. He has customers for whom he creates the content in addition to the layout.

He’ll design your website to your needs, or he can help improve the website you already have.

A writer friend of mine, Jim West, recently hired Lee and has been extremely happy with the results.

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