Outside Services

Editing & Formatting Services

Stories Rule Press:

I’ve known Mark Posey since the 1990s. I knew him before he married his wife, Tracey Cooper-Posey, who is now a best-selling romance author. He’s been her editor for a number of years and now offers his services to other writers as well.

Mark always offered good writing advice. And, his fees are quite reasonable. Now, he’s created his own press company, Stories Rule Press, which I highly endorse.

Camden Park Press Author Services:

I met Lyn Worthen at 2021 and the partial pages of her presentation I saw her share were impressive, as are the books she’s edited.


Website Creation, Design, Maintenance, and/or Hosting

Creative Web Designing:

I’ve known Lee Younkman his entire life and became involved with his company, Creative Web Designing when I began my own production company and needed a website. Through Lee’s company, he helped me design a logo, my brand, and what the website would be doing not only now but down the road, as well.

While I’m one of his customers who maintains their own website, he provides full-service features, too. He created my website’s bare-bones, which then I create the pages and posts and maintain its content. Anytime I have an issue I can’t resolve, he’s usually able to resolve the problem in just minutes where it was taking me hours. He has customers for whom he creates the content in addition to the layout.

He’ll design your website to your needs, or he can help improve the website you already have.

A writer friend of mine, Jim West, recently hired Lee and has been extremely happy with the results.

Diana’s Favorite Websites, Blogs, Books, etc.


Writer Beware – A blog that posts those publishers to be wary of.

Jane Friedman –  “Helping authors and publishers make smart decisions in the digital age”

Janet Reid – Literary Agent



Michael Hauge: Story Mastery – If you’re a screenwriter, you need to read his articles, especially where he analyzes current movies.  I’ve attended two of his weekend workshops and I learned more in that one workshop than in all the writing books I’ve ever read, combined.  He truly is a master.

Writing Contests to Enter

Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest

Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Austin Film Festival Script Competition (Screenplay & Teleplay)

Need a Book Review?  Check These Locations

Readers’ Favorite where you can request a free book review. The fee isn’t to pay for a book review. The fee is for the service they provide of putting your book in front of reviewers who choose to read & review your book.

Conferences I’ve Attended & Would Again

Austin Film Festival – a screenwriting conference that presents big-name screenwriters, directors, and more. I attended this conference in its early years when it was the Austin Heart of Film Festival. I’ve noticed the structure has changed a bit, but the dynamics sure haven’t. THE best screenwriting conference I’ve ever attended.

Moonlight & Magnolias Conference – a writing conference put on by the Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA. I attended this conference several times and entered the contest back in the 1980s, but I doubt much about it has changed other than the people. I even placed in the contest. I made a lot of new friends at the conferences and we’re still friends. This conference takes place in the fall of every year.