Reserved Yearnings (#6)

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12 years earlier, 2 nights after graduation, midnight 

William Stuart and Joe Benton stand at the edge of Whippoorwill Lake mulling over William’s yellow Volkswagen Beetle—a graduation gift—that now sits at the bottom of the lake. A decision is made and a secret is born.

12 years later…

When William Stuart’s decade-old secret is pulled out of the depths of Whippoorwill Lake, he worries that once his friends hear the truth, they will walk away, unable to trust him ever again. And then, he falls in love at first sight but realizes fairly quickly that something isn’t right.

Motorcyclist and photojournalist Charli Davidson has harbored her own secret her entire life. She’s attracted to William but fears he’ll discard his feelings for her once she reveals her truth. Her head tells her to run, but her heart tells her to stay. For the first time in her life, she’s willing to risk her heart.

Can they rise above these long-held lies, or will this new love be ruined forever?