Love’s New Beginnings


Charlene Walker’s life as a concert pianist is in shambles because of a mugging that left her with a broken arm. Now, she’s learned she’s inherited an apple orchard business and a partner she doesn’t want or trusts.

The last thing Logan Taylor wants is a new partner, especially a woman. He doesn’t trust easily. He believes, once her arm has healed, she’ll leave him and the business just like his wife did after the birth of their son.

Forced to work together, they come to an understanding, which grows into friendship. And then, the news she never wanted to hear arrives, forcing her into a new beginning, having to make unexpected decisions.

And then, the news she never wanted to hear arrives, forcing her into a new beginning.


Blurb excerpt:

He rammed into her with everything he had, grabbing at her left arm, twisting the expensive watch off her arm, as she pitched forward. Hearing a sickening thud as her head hit the cement casing, a crack as her left shoulder and arm jammed into the cement steps, he took off running.

Sheets of music, sliding out of the shoulder bag, fluttered in the breeze, then scattered down the street. Milk flowed down a step and mingled with scattered oranges.

As he ran, he felt a second’s worth of guilt that she’d gotten injured but brushed it aside.

No one would ever know, and tonight, there’d be a celebration as he became the newest member of the gang that thrived on small-time but profitable robberies.

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