Love’s New Beginnings – to be published Oct 2019

Charlene Walker’s New York life is in shambles. Her boyfriend manager ran off with her entire savings. What at first appeared as a mugging has her career as a concert pianist on hold because of a broken arm. While in the hospital, her grandfather died. Now, she’s discovered she’s inherited an apple orchard in Willow Junction, Michigan and must live there for six months in order to inherit, and worse, she must deal with a business partner who appears to dislike her. What did her grandfather tell him?

The last thing Logan Taylor’s wants is a partner, especially a woman, for the business he was purchasing from his long-term employer who died before arrangements could be finalized. When his wife deserted him and their infant son five years ago, Logan swore off women and hasn’t dated since.

Over time, Charlene learns everything isn’t as it appears. Once settled into her grandfather’s house, the calls begin. Someone wants her harmed and she doesn’t know why and doesn’t trust anyone, and yet she trusts Logan without understanding why. Could it be love?

And then, the news she never wanted to hear arrives, forcing her into a new beginning.


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Sharpened Pencils Productions LLC