Grendel’s Mother

An Epic Fantasy  

Set in the late-5th, early 6th century in Denmark, Grendel’s Mother is the journey of a girl who dreams of freedom, with a desire to marry the young many she loves, when her father tells her that she’ll wed a widower with young children instead. Then, a horrific event changes her life forever. Pregnant and having brought shame to her family and community, she is sacrificed to the dragon for death, but the dragon saves her instead, unbeknownst to her family and the community.

Grendel’s Mother is the story of social injustice, a girl’s love for Nature where she discovers special skills that enable her to survive, to give birth, and to raise a baby—deemed a monster—in the wild, entirely on her own. From his birth, she battles to keep Grendel safe from himself and, then later, from others who would do him harm.

That child is Grendel, and she is Grendel’s mother.

Now available as a Large Print edition, too!


Read how this story originated and my journey as I wrote the book via my blog in Part I and Part II, located in my Behind the Scenes blog.

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“I was a beta reader for Grendel’s Mother and I loved it. I know I’m reading a good story when I can’t stop thinking about it after I’ve put it down and can’t wait to get back to it.” elizabethmeyette

Awesome!!” Nancy Gideon tweet.  



“A tautly woven tale around a character often ignored in literature and offers the reader insight into how she became the frightful figure in Beowulf. . . . a story of abandonment, desperation, survival and strength. How surprised I was to find myself rooting for a character I had always thought of as menacing.” – Amazon reader, Elizabeth Ford Meyette “Presents a graphic description of village life in medieval times, especially for women of the times. . . . a survivor who uses her love of nature and her determination to live and protect the life of her unborn child to make a home in a cave deep in the forest.” Amazon reader, Sharon McK. “I highly recommend it. Gripping tale!” – Amazon Avidreader.

A review by Lauralee, History from a Woman’s Perspective: a Book Blog