CPE & CPE Workbook

CPE: Character, Plot, & Emotion and its companion book, the CPE Workbook

Part of the Finding Your Fire series

Do you struggle with the sagging middle?
Do you get so stuck that you’re not sure where to go in the story?
Have you ever been told your characters are flat, one-dimensional, or unlikable?
Have you ever become bored with your story while writing it?
Have you ever started writing an idea, then shelved it because you didn’t know how to finish it?

Are you still trying to determine what your writing process is?

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“Diana Stout brilliantly reveals and edifies the uniquely powerful principles of plot and character created by eight writers and consultants who are regarded as masters of storytelling for film and fiction. But the real treasure of this wonderful book is how she simplifies and combines their methods with her own expertise as a hugely accomplished novelist, teacher, and consultant. The result (along with its accompanying workbook) is an essential guide to transforming the emotional impact and commercial success of your own storytelling.” — Michael Hauge, author of Writing Screenplays That Sell, Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds, The Hero’s Two Journeys (with Christopher Vogler), and Storytelling Made Easy (for business leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs)