Burning Desire (#2)

Coming in 2021!

Edwina (Eddie) Taylor’s life changed drastically just before her senior year in high school when her parents are killed and she learns he had embezzled from the company he worked for. Determined to repay the loan she spends nights studying to become a realtor and hangs her shingle the day after graduation.

A decade later, she’s about to sell her inherited grandmother’s farmhouse when a fire damages three rooms. She wonders, was I to blame? Newcomer Aaron Rhett Sinclair Renoux offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse—to become a partner in flipping houses. Soon, and for the first time in her life, she’s falling in love.

But then, he begins to learn secrets she’s kept hidden from the entire community all this time. Has she made a mistake letting him in?

Connie, the waitress from Shattered Dreams #1, along with Mason and Shelley return, we get to meet William, the owner of the Volkswagen Beetle that was pulled out the lake in Shattered Dreams.