Burning Desire (#2)

Coming Soon!

He’s a firefighter, she’s a realtor, who has an huge debt, which is unknown to others. When a house that she was on the verge of selling goes up in flames, the question becomes – did she set the fire?

Author note: A current work-in-progress, the two main characters, Aaron Rhett Sinclair Renoux (nickname Flame) & Edwina Taylor, not only have changes names on me, but they’ve been slow to reveal themselves to me and to each other!  Connie, the waitress from Shattered Dreams (now on sale), comes to Edie’s rescue, and we get to meet William, the owner of the Volkswagen Beetle that was pulled out the lake in Shattered Dreams.  William’s story will be told in the last novella, Reserved Yearnings, but we’ll see him and that car throughout the series.

And the whole time I’m writing this second novella, Burning Desire, the characters from the next novella, Arrested Pleasures, are talking to me! Dan Walker is a bad boy, alpha male always in trouble with the game warden, Anne Martin, both legally and with his heart.  If only she’d reciprocate and let him off the hook.