Arrested Pleasures (#3)


Bad boy Dan Walker lost his hunting license due to no fault of his own, but because he feels responsible for the disaster that involved two guest hunters that he was responsible for, he takes the blame. Having lost his license, he takes a break from his hunting business and is trying his hand at fishing, starting with a competition where he hooks a Volkswagen Beetle that was driven into the lake a decade before.

What no one knows is that he can’t swim. He’d like to keep it that way.

He’s chased Annie Martin all through school, but she’s rebuffed him at every turn. Just because she’s the county game warden and he’s gotten himself in trouble doesn’t mean that he can’t stop trying.

Annie’s parents forbade her to date Dan in school because of his bad-boy reputation. She’s taken her warden job seriously and has built a solid reputation during the last decade.

Recently, upon her mother’s death, Annie learned that she was adopted as a baby. Her whole world has been turned upside down, and Dan is the only one who can make her laugh right now. But is she making a mistake letting him in even just this much?


Author Note: I’m in the process of deepening these characters and plotting out their story. I expect to be writing the first draft of their story at a write-in weekend in early November. Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish their novella by the first of next year.