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NEW RELEASE!  July 5, 2022

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Can Cutter Logan, the bad boy womanizer of Laurel Ridge, ever win the heart of game warden Annie Martin, who’d rather see him in handcuffs?

Cutter Logan has been in love with Annie Martin since when they were kids, but after one disastrous high school date, she’s been keeping him in the friends-only Zone. At least, they have an honest relationship or so both believe based on the Truth or Dare game they play.

Cutter’s reputation is that he takes little seriously. As an area game warden, Annie has worked hard to build a career and the last thing she needs is a jokester like Cutter to tarnish that career.

Then she discovers a life-changing event that took place early in her life that has turned her life upside down and inside out. Is Cutter really the only one who can help her find the answers she needs? Is anything true anymore?


Master Class Bringing Abundance Into Your Life 

August 1-12, 2022 – WriterUniv.com (Registration is open!)

Have you ever wondered how successful people find their passion? Have you ever wondered why you were born? Have you found your life’s purpose only to find yourself stuck, not sure how to start? Have you started working toward that goal only to lose the fire you aren’t sure how to get back? This class shows how to identify your true passion, light your fire with purposeful actions, use your intuitive instincts to raise your vibrational energy and manifest positive karma, and keep that fire burning despite life-altering events that threaten to put it out. All students will receive a free eBook copy of Stout’s recent release, Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot.

You’ll learn:

  • How the unseen science of Universal Laws operates
  • Activities to help you find your true fire
  • What to do with your fire once you’ve discovered it
  • How to avoid letting your fire dim or killing it
  • Ways to safeguard and protect your fire
  • How to restore it and keep it burning bright

About Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot

One reader said that this book clarified her true passion. While she had thought it was one thing, it was actually another.

Tracy Brogan has Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot listed on her handout of recommended reading in her “Sparking Joy” presentation made at the Retreat From Harsh Reality in April 2022. She told us that she’s finally discovered her true passion, the fire of her heart and is moving forward with her career in that rediscovered genre.

From a 5-star review on Readers’ Favorite – “The book includes clear action steps to follow and assignments to help the reader on their journey of self-discovery….The book is concise, providing doable steps and actions that anyone can take and practice daily to live their passion….makes success seem like an attainable goal for anyone, regardless of any perceived obstacles they face.”

From another 5-star review on Readers’ Favorite – “Do you live life with enthusiasm or just endure it? Maybe you see others being excited about what they do and wonder if you could ever be that happy and content. If so, this book is for you. Why do people not pursue their fire? In Finding Your Fire and Keeping It Hot, Diana Stout explains why so many people just live instead of thriving. Her probing questions get right to the point and help the reader differentiate between things they just do and what fills their inner being with joy. Diana includes the Laws of the Universe and explains how they can be used to increase your passion. As the name implies, these Laws can work for you or against you, but Diana shows you how to use them to your advantage. Her passion is writing and her illustrations reflect that, but the principles are universally applicable.”