Time Management for Writers

Class – February 1-25, 2022 – (Registration is open!)

Do you struggle to reach your writing goals? Do you struggle to find undisturbed time to write? Have you read all the time management books, yet still struggle to find time? Is it even possible to squeeze more hours out of the day? The answer is a resounding YES!! ┬áThis class will show you how, taking you through the steps required to find more writing time whether you have a busy schedule or are retired with seemingly lots of time, yet achieve little. You’ll discover not only how to reclaim time but why you haven’t already. Topics covered:

  • Discovering the rules, facts, and myths
  • Determining your vision, writing your vision statement
  • Analyzing your time spent and finding opportunities
  • Understanding the excuses and changing them to positives
  • Creating a plan and the tools you’ll need
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your plan