About Diana Stout, MFA, Ph.D.

Diana Stout MFA PhD screenwriter author blogger writing coach
Diana Stout MFA Ph.D. screenwriter author blogger writing coach

An award-winning writer, Diana Stout is a screenwriter, author, former English professor, and has served as a contest judge for Hollywood organizations and various organizations’ writing contests (fiction, nonfiction, adult, and teens). From time to time, she serves as a writing coach, beta reader, and editor.

She travels with a crowd, characters who are constantly clamoring that she write their story, nagging her, saying, “My turn. Write about me. Me, me, me!” She takes notes as they chatter.

So many projects, so little time…

Early in her writing career, she recognized that she wasn’t a one-lane writer. That she enjoyed writing in multiple genres and has since published in various media. Check out the various categories on the Portfolio menu button above or on her Portfolio page.

This website serves as an umbrella for all of her writings, blogs, announcements, and publications.

She’s available to speak to writer’s groups via Zoom. You can view past presentations and teachings by visiting those page links. She loves helping other writers whether it’s about how to better write screenplays, fiction, nonfiction (short or long), grammar and punctuation, or how to strengthen your intuitive powers and how the Universal Laws work.

And then, there is the crowd on the other side who communicate with her on a regular basis. Through self-discovery, she’s learned how to listen to that little voice that is never wrong and guides her through various writing projects. She writes about various mystic and paranormal experiences in her blog, Into the Core.

Diana is equally enthusiastic about history, time travel, great love stories, and mysteries especially when ghosts are involved as she is about non-fiction. A rabid movie fan, she enjoys jigsaw puzzles, feeding the birds, and tending to her small flower bed in the warmer summer months. Having traveled quite a bit in her younger years, she’s now content to write full-time and satisfy the needs of the clamoring crowd.

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