I created this website as an umbrella for all my writings, my blogs, my announcements, my publications.

It’s a place that leads to other places. I see it as a first step, much like was Dorothy’s journey that began in Munchkinland. While my journey won’t take you to a likeness land of OZ, you will find heart, mindful thoughts, and courageous attempts out of the norm here.

As you’ll see, I’m not a one-lane writer. I had two different agents earlier in my career, both who wanted me to write in one genre. That’s not me. I’m excited about history, time-travel, and love stories, curious about literature and what’s not been said, particularly with women who’ve been denied a voice in literature. I’m enthusiastic about non-fiction, and I’m always wanting to find a way to share what I know so that I can help other writers. I’m a rabid movie fan and love screenwriting, and I like writing plays for shorter stories. And, I’ve even written some poetry. All of these genres and more are projects I’m working on, publishing or posting here.

So many projects, so little time…

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my journey even if only for a few miles. If you are a fan, hopefully, you’ll sign up for my newsletter, subscribe to my blogs, and if nothing else check out my books at the library or through Amazon Prime and enjoy the read(s). Of course, I’m always thrilled when I hear that you love my writing and have become a fan, willing to write a review or two. Your journey with me is up to you.

I’m just happy to share my passion with you.

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