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Writing Coach

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You Should Be Writing - Go write now


How is a consultant different than a writing coach? they are as different as an agent is from a manager.  Subtle differences, what what a huge impact both can have.

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Beta Reader

What is a beta reader?  And why do you need one?  Why do you need several?

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You Should be Wrtiing - Channing Tatum


Contests include fiction, non-fiction,YA, but mostly for screenwriting contests.

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Features of an Experienced Writer

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as an editor

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First drafts don't have to be perfect - they just should be written

as a consultant

Not just about writing, but as a life coach, too, in how to obtain your goals.  How to work your way through the educational system as you strive to obtain that degree. I’ve been there. How to rise above procrastination, and more.

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as a writer

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Diana reading

as a reader

As a beta reader, too.

My reading interests are many:  Fiction: mystery, thriller, suspense, romance, historical, medieval, dystopia, young adult, new adults, and lots of areas in non-fiction: paranormal, new age, earth sciences, philosophy, self-help, how-to, biographies, history, cultures, business, military, and more.

Dr. Diana Stout

as a teacher

My teaching experience is as extensive as my writing experience.

You Should Be Writing - Queen Elizabeth

as a judge

Oh, the many contests . . .